Anonymous said: i'm sure you get this a lot, but how do i get a boy to notice me? i mean really notice me, not just as that girl he sometimes talks to in geometry class? ...highschool will be the death of me, i swear.

According to Hollywood, if you take off your glasses and/or show up to school in a skintight black outfit while puffing on a cigarette, your dream boy will have no choice but to reassess his opinion of you, and he will fall head over heels in love for you.

I hope it doesn’t come as too much of a shock when I say that Hollywood is bullshit. Getting your dream guy to actually notice you is not an exact science - oh my goodness, I wish it were, because then I’d know what to tell you. Unfortunately, I’m kinda stumped. If you manage to snag him, could you give me a few pointers?

But seriously, whether or not he notices you the way you want him to has more to do with him and his level of maturity than anything you can do. That said, keep talking to him in geometry class. Get to know him, and let him get to know you. Beyond that, well, to paraphrase Bonnie Raitt: you can’t make him love you if he don’t doesn’t don’t. Either he will recognize your awesomeness, or he won’t. If he doesn’t, you’re better off without him.